Thursday, 31 May 2012

Karachiites Toolkit

Keeping into view the rising number of mobile snatching incidents in Karachi, one of the tools at the disposal of Karachites is the CPLC Theft Form. Even though reporting an incident does not guarantee that the handset will be blocked, it nevertheless, reduces the risks associated with not reporting the incident promptly.

Of course, this has to be followed up with some sort of verification with the CPCL itself otherwise dummy reporting cases would lead to a number of legitimate users having their handsets blocked (at the hands of mischievous close friends). Listed on their website are also the contact details copied below:

U.A.N Number 111 222 345
Emergency No. 136

Phone Number +92 (21) 3568 3333
  +92 (21) 3566 2222
Fax Number +92 (21) 35683336 

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