Friday, 8 June 2012

A Heavenly Sojourn

Saif ul Malook: Words cannot describe the beauty...
Pakistan's Northern areas are a beau. Truly. Recently, and quite luckily having the chance to tour the Northern areas of Pakistan, I am compelled to feel that if there are glimpses of heaven on earth, then Pakistan has a lion’s share in those glimpses. Touring Naran and Lake Saif ul Malook I was with a troupe of approximately 120 colleagues which is where I got the chance to breath nature. The picturesque views of Naran, the dangerous trails to Saif ul Malook, the clear clouds and steep ridges at Batakundi and the mesmerizing view at Malook were all indicative of the fact that the Northern Areas of Pakistan are still a heavenly delight. Words would do injustice to describe the fun and level of enjoyment I had, in addition to the treating scenes. From meeting the locals to hearing their myths about various places to eating some fantastically delicious food, it was a fun-packed four days.

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