Friday, 22 June 2012

Pakistan and its image problem

Eric Schmidt's article with the same title is not just a summary of our problems but indeed highlights the many different areas in which Pakistan is lacking. That he could not come to terms with the load-shedding here does not mean that he was oblivious to its existence. He pointed out that "Estimates are that the country has enough generation capacity (hydro and oil based) to handle all the load, but corruption, power stealing, poor payment rates and the classic mistake of under-pricing power compared to its real generation cost means that industrial production is threatened."

With a powerful middle class and growing mobile penetration, his argument for change and development is valid and achievable. At times his observations were very saddening...the gone-in-30-second feat of our PM, the brutal treatment of women in the rural areas and the 43% illiteracy rate...not that the other educated ones behave as such (which creates the major problems like corruption and mishandling)

The article should be looked upon as the areas where we Pakistanis can work together and bring about some positive change. The potential in Pakistan's people and resources is barely tapped into and collective ventures in the right directions with support from the top is all what is required to change the fact of this nation in five years...

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