Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Achievement all the way

I was reading through the story titled Corporate titan: After 27 years at Engro, Asad Umar calls it a day and whilst what he will do next has already been revealed, his achievements as the CEO of Engro certainly demand respect.
His wealth mentioned in the article puts him in no need of any further financial rewards (at least literally). His reputation is amongst the cleanest of CEOs in the industry and the success he achieved in Engro is exceptional by all means. What then is the motivation behind the move from such an illustrious career towards a political one? It is probably the fact that he "felt" it was time to move ... to make a greater impact in Pakistan than he already had.
I came across a funny comment once regarding PTI that "if someone has joined PTI, then he must have had belonged to some other party earlier". The perception of PTI is "old school, fool again" amongst some of the literates of our populace. What they fail to see is that without peoples' support PTI, or for that matter, any party is nothing but dust.
Asad Umar's move to PTI is another signal for the people in power that there is a group of people who are slowly growing in strength and rising. No, they may not win the next elections and may not make an impact for the next five years but it will continue to play a role in Pakistani politics. In my opinion and that too a neutral one, we are definitely in for some interesting politics in the coming months as Imran Khan rejuvenates his strategy and inducts key individuals to his party. Because, PTI is slowly turning out to be "Party of Talented Individuals".

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