Sunday, 1 April 2012

Religious Fanaticism

This article highlights the plight of minorities in Pakistan:

Economic, political, ethnic or social - a minority is a minority and vulnerable to the injustices that human extremes can think of. The case of Rinkle is very humiliating to the flag of Islam. There is no law, decree, stipulation, ayat (verse) in the Holy Quran that calls for the action that the influential baba ordered his disciples to undertake. Pretty sad that these people on the outside are associated with Islam because in reality they have nothing to do with Islam and Islam has got nothing to do with them. Though the report, the original story and the circumstances are all debatable, the incident in itself is not surprising. Rural villages in Sindh and Punjab and for that matter anywhere in the world have instances where people tend to engage in fanaticism when it comes to petty issues. Such cases often do not see the light of the day and in some cases, the media is only exploiting the victims to get themselves a story. Not passing judgments here but just have a feeling that as long as there is illiteracy on the outskirts of our population, such incidents will continue to give a negative to Pakistan and Islam.

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